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When Thomas Hunter awakens, he finds himself floating naked in a roiling Idaho river. He soon realizes he’s living a second life and goes on a frantic quest to find its purpose and meaning. The book is a page-turning thriller as a desperate Tom, pursued by a sinister killer, crosses the country and tries to settle in cities from Seattle to New York.

 In spite of the dangers and the risk to his own life, he finds opportunities for accomplishment, success, and even a deep and profound love. However, Tom’s narrow escapes gradually wear him down and, searching for resolution, he must squarely confront the powerful evil following him and return to the river of his rebirth.

The book goes beyond an exciting read—questions about mortality, credence and the divine are raised and will give readers something to contemplate long after the action has faded from memory.



Life can be demanding, but it’s the challenge, not the mundane, that imbues it with richness. 

David depended on the heart-shaped seashell given to him by his deceased little sister, Grace. It supported him in tough times and was a tangible reminder of their devotion to each other. What magical situation would allow such a talisman to be returned to its birthplace? 

Janet and David continue to find themselves involved in life’s triumphs and tragedies. Even apparent disasters can become comedic. 

Alcohol addiction, adultery, a kidnapping for ransom and a suicidal teenager present situations that can defy solution. When Christian and Muslim cultures clash, can there be any hope of happiness? 

clay alexander author, clay alexander book



A little girl finds a shell, shaped like a lopsided heart, on the beach. The relic is much like life itself; rough, smooth and at times . . . amusing. Its power is revealed when families from Warsaw, New York City and San Diego come together, their interaction becoming both tragic and triumphant. 

Abuse, addiction, loss and death stalk the characters, and only the ones who can rise above catastrophe survive and prosper. Courage, determination and perseverance are essential, but luck . . . or the divine . . . can be crucial. 

How do you find love again when the only one you truly love is killed? How do you deal with an only child who risks becoming a dangerous failure? What bizarre happening could reverse the downward spiral of an abusive and self-centered alcoholic? What do you do when you find your newborn daughter, lost for seven years, is being loved and well cared for by another family? 

All these questions, and more, are dealt with by the author who spent his life taking care of ailing people and interacting with countless families. The novel is fiction, but readers may find something of their own lives mirrored in the book. There is little in these pages that hasn't happened to someone, somewhere.



Physicians are supposed to “Do no harm”, but does this include adding to and prolonging the suffering of terminally ill patients who are not in hospice care?


A young man is seriously affected by the “extended” dying of his mother and father and sets out to better define the meaning of the Hippocratic oath.


Certain terminally ill patients in extreme pain unexpectedly begin to die in the Mar Vista hospital in San Diego. A surgical resident does what he can to help these desperately ill patients, but the head nurse pushes for a more aggressive approach. The incipient loving relationship between them shatters over the definition of harm and the limits of a doctor’s ability to bring relief. Even a dedicated detective is stymied in his efforts to find the killer.


Underneath a thrilling and provocative storyline, is a timely novel which addresses the end-of-life issues that we all have to deal with at some point.

clay alexander author, clay alexander book



When surgeon Thomas MacAlister, on probation by the California Medical Board for previous lapses in judgment, operates on an unscrupulous personal injury lawyer, he commits malpractice. But it’s not money the attorney wants — it’s a far more sinister request.

MacAlister’s marriage begins to disintegrate when his new young wife realizes his bizarre bedroom games are a symptom of a much deeper depravity and to what lengths will he go to keep her from revealing his secret life.

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